177B+B Systems, LLC
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Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188
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Consulting + Custom Database systems
Database applications from Start to Finish, Design to Training




All B+B Systems are multi-user capable.

New installations
Demos include the programs and all sample files. Size of downloads approx. 6-15m

Upgrades to Existing installations
You can safely install upgrades OVER the existing installation. Install the upgrade in your regular folder, new tables will be called upgr*.*, and your existing data will be moved to these new files. You can use the same system to install individual workstations, as well as the server. Note: If you don't have backups and you want to protect yourself against the unexpected, you can make a backup copy of your existing system folder Once you have determined that your new system appears to be working properly, you can delete the folder copy you made.


Company Profile
We provide database consulting services in the greater Milwaukee area.  This can include everything from advice, to a complete data base application. We have many satisfied customers over the past 10 years.  From Major League ballclubs to Fortune 100 companies, we provide hands-on services.  We meet with you to study your use of existing data and discuss your goals.  Once the goal or objective is developed,  we construct a custom application to accomplish that objective.  Some database systems are developed from scratch.  Sometimes we take advantage of existing systems that have proven their worth, in order to keep your costs low. 
We have developed many systems over the years. From medical systems... to financial analysis.... to information managers... to data converters... to graphic display of data.  Some of these demo systems are available for you to download for your review.

Contact Information

Telephone - 262-299-3602